Thursday, June 21, 2018
By Adalis  Carlo

Relax in style this summer with these ideas to create your own backyard paradise, transform your unwanted pool into something useful, and keep your house cool! If you or someone you know needs a new space to relax, let me know - I’ll help you find the perfect place!

3 Easy Projects To Turn Your Backyard

Into A Summer Oasis


Getting away for a summer vacation can be fun and relaxing, but there’s no need to leave home to have fun and relax. Check out these three easy DIY projects to turn your backyard into the ultimate staycation location.

1. Cinder Block Fire Pit

Start by creating a flat, fireproof base using large bricks, then build a square pit by placing a layer of cinder blocks beside each other on the brick base with the open ends facing up. Fill the holes in the cinder blocks with dirt, sand, or rocks to help solidify the wall. Add a second layer of cinder blocks, centering them over the meeting place of the first layer, and fill them like the first layer. Add your firewood, gather some friends, and enjoy!

2. Patio Lighting

Nothing can transform your backyard or patio quite like patio lights. Grab some solar-powered string lights from your local hardware store and get creative! Hang them from trees, create a perimeter around your yard, and circle the posts on your deck, then enjoy the soft, peaceful glow!

3. Garden Pond

Creating your own garden pond doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All it takes is a watertight container, a fountain pump, concrete pavers, decorative rocks, and some hardy water plants. To create your fountain, trace your watertight container in the location you want your pond, then excavate the dirt to create a hole for your container. The top should be level with the ground. Then, arrange rocks in the bottom of your container to keep it in place and add pavers around the edge to give it a more finished look. Add plants and the water pump, then fill your container with water. (Tip: Adding an algae inhibitor to your pond can prevent algae accumulation.)


5 Ways To Repurpose Unwanted Pools


Pools are great if you have the time, money, and motivation to keep them in working order. Unfortunately, they’re expensive to keep up. If you’re not using it often, there may be better ways to use the space.


If you enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings or want to create a private area to sit back and relax, transforming your pool into a deck may be a good option for you. The price will vary depending on your pool’s surface area, the shape of the pool, whether you want benches or different levels built in, and what materials you want to use. A contractor can give you an estimate based on these criteria, but to give you a general idea, typical deckovers cost around $11,000 and take approximately a week. Because you can plan your deck in a way that doesn’t damage the pool, this is a safe option. If you ever tire of the deck, you can rip it out and go right back to the pool.


A sunken patio can give you the same functionality as a deck without the higher price tag. This is because the sunken patio incorporates features like the steps and handrails into the design, saving you money. To build your sunken patio, level the bottom of the pool, then choose the seating, plants, and other features you want to include. You should also consider building a fence around your patio to prevent people from falling in.


Temperatures underground provide a stable environment for plants to grow, so turning an unwanted pool into a greenhouse makes good sense. This option not only eliminates the cost of pool upkeep, it also helps you cut down on the grocery bill by giving you a year-round source of home-grown food. If you’re interested in growing your own fruits and veggies year-round, ask a contractor if your pool can be converted into an underground greenhouse.


You don’t have to build a greenhouse to start growing things in your pool. Convert your pool into a garden by drilling some holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage and filling the pool with soil. Renting equipment to do this can save you time and prevent strain in the hot sun; just be sure to understand the equipment before you use it and follow proper safety protocols. Remember to compact the soil once it’s in the pool to prevent it from sinking over time. Once the dirt is in place, you can start planting your fruits, vegetables, trees, and flowers.


Just because you don’t want the hassle of keeping a pool free of leaves and at the perfect PH level doesn’t mean you want to give up on water altogether. If that’s the case, a backyard pond may appeal to you. This transformation is relatively cheap - you’ll just need to add a filtration system and make somechanges to the basic structure of your pool. After that, you can choose the plants and animals you want to add to your pond. The right contractor can help you choose an eco-friendly balance of plants and animals that will allow you to safely swim in your backyard pond.


Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


Summer can be a rough season for your electric bill. Depending on how much it’s used and how efficient your unit is, central air can cost hundreds of dollars every month. With an outrageous energy bill out of the question, how do you avoid the heat without cranking down the AC? Find tips below.​

  • Switch to LED or CFL light bulbs because they put out less heat.
  • Replace flannel and other heavy sheets with cooler options like cotton or linen.
  • Close blinds and curtains during the day to prevent the sun from heating your home.
  • Run ceiling fans counterclockwise to push cool air down.
  • Put shutters, shades, or awnings on your windows to cut down on sunlight.
  • Add shade trees and trellises around the house and windows to create shade.
  • Crack open windows at night to let fresh air circulate.
  • Grill outside to cut down on stove/oven usage.
  • Change your air filter monthly to make it easier and cheaper for your AC to run.
  • Use air vents to remove hot, moist air from the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Run dishwashers, dryers, and other heat-producing appliances at night when it’s cooler.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to melt. Use these tips to keep cool and enjoy your home and yard  your way. And if you or someone you know needs a new place to call home, I’m here to help! I can help you find the perfect place for you and your family.